What a mellow dramatic mystery/ your life has such deep history/ there’s something here what can it be/ I feel it sweet and vibrantly/ life is such a mystery/ I know ill go down in history i’m Leaps and bounds over trickery/ if you got a bone to pick with me it better be delivery/ prove it show me/ you acting like you know me/make way for truth it pleases me/ if that’s what you got I’m game for reasoning/uncovering a mystery this life has such big history/an arc uncovered palindrome/ its DNA you have it though/ yes your granted royalties/ when you see through the matrices/ you see we have such history/ its no more a mystery

Unraveling wound up wounds/
Straight out of Nefertiti’s tomb/
To become, I’m willing soon/My third eye is booming zoom as I drop bars like MF Doom/ My eternal Smoking spirit is burning can you hear it/ Im rising from the ashes/ seizing all the sashes/ looking closer I need no glasses/ I eradicate the masses/ I’m humble I’m taking classes/Every detail I’m sick of guessing/ Your integrity I’m testing/Not to worry so far you’re passing/ I keep asking like Socrates/ I enjoy a good story telling/your brain looks like its swelling/welcome home this is my dwelling /Expansion and contraction no counter action/ I keep the flow going my know how is unknowing/ the ship is flying keep rowing do you know where we are going? Good let’s just keep zoning in/Im in for the win and I just started did you begin/ caught in mind, trip, quick it’s time flip the script/ Don’t let your words slip get a grip/ linguistic trips they twist so crisp like twizzlers, I’m talking licorice chew me u sp And lick a bit/ this sample is so sick with it/ Ample mammal memories/it’s human nature Reptilian/
amygdala instinct rebellion/ Anu and Anke created millions/ hybrid races peel away faces of illusion/ im bursting quantum fusion/ breaking through delusion/ So sick of repetition/ I’m here for a new redemption/I’m taking back the throne of my home/ bitch you thought you own this is my zone/A baby girl once but I’ve grown/ I found my tribe and no I’m not alone/ We deserve to thrive this time/ its my life on the line/ I shook hands with father rhyme/ like binaural beats ill even show the blind/I shine white light and love divine/ I’m breaking through your mind as the JeD kiss your third eye/ your heart meets I and eye/ One no longer questions why.



You have just begun this game 
When you’ve lost your sense of name 

You see truth in proof is priceless 

And cooth in youth is shameless 

You know you may have heard this 

You’ve been this place before

In your infinite ocean you may have washed ashore

The doors in space are endless 

Yet your crawling through once more

Why do you get so frightened 

of something that you know 

Is it truly fear then 

or simply that you don’t 

Will you find your strength in weakness 

Bow down to your own thrown 

Your power lasts forever 

You remember once you flown 
These days go on forever 

Tho seconds gone at once 

Now moments are infinity 

Duality be it temporary?

Every life you’ve lived before 
Yet it’s always new and more 

Can you see?

That’s the paradox of the doors…

What are you doing to yourself When will you stop fooling nobody else… 

Deep into my heart deep into my soul Wish upon a star 

You won’t let me go 

Bless my heart bless yours too 

Wish upon a star 

You’ll hold me true
What have you done to yourself 

Quivering and strung 

Your Halo fell 

Shaman walk to a Jedi step

Surrounded by nature and creatures alike 
An Eerie sensation, celestial nights

Given the gift of sight 

Sea stars in the sky the fire burns bright 

Perception passing Pluto and back through mars realize ones real lives it’s time to go far 

And when I say far I mean even further 

As above so bellow This life is alive it’s best not to fight her 

Weaving webs like a spider 

We are only going higher
The gem of the lotus comes from within

With soul of a warrior when did we begin 

Deeper in darkness the brighter you shine 
A path of the ancients unfolding through time 

 It’s quest at your best put yourself to the test 

Walk with me once more in the doors of perception 

Lightning bursts in mind you’ve chosen redemption 

See deeply infinity be trinity 

Find unity I see you in every me 

Breath sweetly young beauty this life is divine 

Alive now it’s your time 
Reach into your power 

Past sacred hour 

Burn bright as a star 

Integrity and courage your raising the bar 

Pull the arrow tight Artcher back through the void 

The tighter the tension the further the noise 

 Stay focused and relentless remember have poise 

This life is your oyster let the grind shine your pearl 

 Time travel’n, unravel’n a brilliant mind, don’t temper with perfection ya one of a kind   

Carpe diem Amen I’m in 

Eternal perception when did I begin 

Freedom at mast, you sail so fast 

Moon walkin in ya mind and its all been a blast

In seas of our galaxies make every moment last 
You See yourself as Jedi every glimpse you take is to blessai 

Create your quest your quest in your minds eye  

Shred the force like a samurai 

So take one step as Jedi 

Quantum leap of infiniteye 

Eternal Presence 

Have you ever been sitting next to a stranger sharing some sort of serene experience when you realize a mutual perception of the present moment? That very second you feel yourself as them in another life as if or that moment you are seeing, and experiencing your life and there’s at the same time. Eternity lives in the present moment outside the structure of time. Can you see?