Rhythm of change

totemical panthera
Come dance with me to the rhythm of change
Sing to the war drum
For we have come to fight for a balance
unveil this conundrum
Bring forth our true integrity
 justify our sovereignty
For it is time to rise above
Let go our false reality and embrace equality
Mother earth has already given us the shove
Tune into our intuition there is no need of further permission
Dive into the waters of the innate for we are on a simple mission
Go out and create let our consciousness meditate
Express the fires deep within for how many times will we re-begin
To Paint our stories of rise and fall until we have conquered the biggest task of all
To reconnect the link between understanding and serene
A destiny that hums a tune pulling harmonics into bloom
A deep vibration sweet as wine as we feel our way like we are blind
A fear so false to create illusion
Lets end this waste of furry fusion
In trust thy heart for the answer is there beating strongly raw and bare
Taste the fruits of love and passion
For this is the most intriguing fashion
Let down our wall of unconscious doubt
For it is but a tasteless gout
Embrace self-love for  We are not alone
Come down off of our self righteous thrown
We flow into eternity as one powerful unity
Embracing the challenge of duality until we re-discovery our ONE reality.
Come dance with me to the rhythm of change
Lets dissipate this war of rage.
And burst further into the golden age.
For it is time
 The time is now
All there is…
to ask our heart how.
~*~Sakiya Blue

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