The journey unfolds…


Ima get up stand up thrive for my right to flourish nourish my soul beneath this surface

Ya heard this
I know this
we begin to unfold
And recreate the mold of our reality
Paint a new duality
Full of laughter and real personality
Breaking threw the imaginary illusion of our own delusions and we suddenly recall what we always ever knew
Scratching the surface of our personal readers digest the subconscious state of mind
And we continue to unwind
to the path of divinity no fear of infinity
Blasting into the wholness of unity
you going to say it again threw with me?
The path of divinity no fear of infinity…
the path of divinity no fear of infinity…
The matrices re formulate as we win this drawn out debate
And remember how to truly  co-create with our love as our witness
We all get through this
And participate in our own rhyme
like the riddles of Father Time
Float through the season love is our reason
Float through the seasons love is our reason for healing the falsities of self inflicted treason
Forgiveness of our own twist
Yea I’m slightly a realist
We are ALL here to get threw this
Develop further and add our own curvature to the bless of bliss
Peace is the next on our list
~Sakiya Blue

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