IM not Afraid of You

Im not afraid of me

im not even afraid of our Devilish slave within thee

Ima burst through this maze of duality

And tear out my own truth within individual reality

 This fractal root

 Entwines us all behind the wall

a false figured mask of a once unforgiving past

a sacred truth blooms in the youth

as we breath our breath of elder

A soul so old grasping right of passage through eternal rebirth

 From a fetus we walk again on this NEW old earth

 When our paths collide to see within the eyes of over a thousand lives

 We finally made it to thrive in this new paradigm

 SO grateful we are letting go of time

 Recreating our golden line

Perfection of imperfection

Like a blade of grass growing through the concrete

Physics would think we should back up and retreat

 instead we over come defeat

 Fractalize our variable chances on repeat

As the stone becomes thicker we simply grow greater.

Our subconscious re-mastered through an even deeper past hurt

Utilizing the worst to be the best of the best

coming full circle with a test

bursting out your chest

Release all tension

And reminisce in our new acquainted pension.

~Sakiya Blue

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