Message in a Bottle




I dont know how I feel.
A feeling so real.
A feeling too true.
It even makes me blue.
Is it really me?
Can this love really be?
A sign from above…
Floating on wings of a dove.
I found it at last.
Wanna run away fast,
catch a grasp
on the veil that covers my heart.
Not late to start…
the path of trinity…
no fear of  infinity…
I’m singing fly with me…
Common soar high with me…
Set our dreams free…
I close my eyes

Dance like a fire flame

Take a deep breath into that sweet walk of fame

I gatta be brave
not a slave to hypocrisy but one of democracy
I’m singing fly with me, soar high with me
set our dreams free
let our souls be heard
I let go to soon I’ll be back around noon.
I’m on a quest don’t assume,
My  heart, my head no more room.
Now I’ve learned to be brave not a slave,
I stared the devil in the face, danced a path he couldn’t trace.
Fear feeds his furry and love cures the weary,
Loves all I got
Take a shot
Take all you want from me…anything…
I’m singing fly with me…
Soar high with me…
Set our dreams free…
let our souls be heard…
carried on wings of a bird…
Let this planet quake us
Shake us awake
Open our eyes to the beautiful lies until we are raw with the essence fire of truth
A thousand red embers burning again as one youth
One breath
One love
One light
Never to fright the path at hand.
Only to simply understand.
Ones virtue in equality, justify duality
dive into the ocean of tranquility.
I’m singing fly with me.
Soar high with me.
Set our dreams free.
Let our souls be heard.
Carried on wings of a bird into skies of eternity.
Set yourselves free.
– Sakiya Blue

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