Float like a butterfly…(to be continued)

Dancin through this ring
I got somethin to sing
float like a butterfly
flutter-by with my wings
Gentle as a feather an potent as a sting
Buzzin like a bee ima do my thing

People hollerin I tighten my collar n stand up amongst the crowd
Lights camera action a vibey reaction
Baby its getting loud

Listen up now class is in session
Look around how and find your reflection
Connection connection
You can feel perfection
Deep into my soul look past my complexion
Bigger than expansion smaller then contraction
Infinite variables divine intervention

Levitate ascension creative expression
Efficacious quantum
Our vivacious new anthem
We can find our fusion
dissipate illusion
Hold on to your hats kids we alter perception

Connection Connection
Deeper then perfection
Past your fuzzy focus
Through the veil of Babylon
Far beyond metetron
What’s the path we walk upon

Listen to the whisper…

The knowing
The growing
Of the unknown
A holographic universe
We sit upon our humbled thrown
become our own believer
the ultimate achiever

Im not from the future im not from the past
Im from the present moment and Ima make it last
Remember who you are in an eternal breath of memory
An effervescent particle
The biggest spark in history….(To be continued) 🙂


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