Sway to the Rhythm

Drippin sweat down ya chest
We sway to the rhythm
Beat burst through ya breath
We taste the life givin
salt on ya lips feel like lovin in the ocean
we ride through tides
babe get me golden

drift through the motion of emotion,
start floatin
sweet smell of honey hun
get me goin

I feel your fire
Ya make me giggle in the throws of desire
So I make you nervous I heard this
not worry ya truth I admire.

Mirrored moments the ones we require.
Every memory becomes a feather to ya wings
dont worry if it stings.

Im here to help you fly
no need to ask why

simply look inside
not something to hide.
No friction when we glide,
ya bound to soar high.

Back to the beat of the basics
this path we’ve already faced it.

Runnin parallel I can tell
Ya swooped my soul from the depths of the well
so sway with me

Make away with me.
Lets Paint a new reality.

Babe ya make me quiver
I can make you shiver
the flutterbys in my tummy are purrin like a panther

Drippin sweat down ya chest as we sway to the rhythm…And Ive just begun giggin 😉


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