Dance in the Daisies 

I maybe a little crazy like dancing while pickin Daisies Spending time with some cats that look a little shady

Every step I light with purpose

I’m not playing games with the circus

I bring virtue back to focus

Slow the shutter down to find the light in the darkness

I’m not looking for a man

I’m Not looking for a king

I’m looking for a being hooos got a pair of wings

One being of love

As graceful as a dove

To assist in bringing heaven to earth from up above

With love in my center I’m light as a feather

A lady of the stars I may be dark as night

And when it comes to linguistics I can put up a fight

In the end of the journeys it’s not about being right

Ima humble myself and know it takes a little might like a mouse to pull a thorn out of your big lion paw jaw

This game can be daunting you know I can ball

like Jordan and the hoop ima step up and shoot

Let me love you like the world loves the moon

I know we will both come around soon

It’s the time of the season let this lotus love bloom

Like Isis and Osiris ima resurrect you from your tomb

Rise up fire Pheonix out galactic runes

We ascend beyond this multiverse

Harmony infinity rehearsed

Beyond curse or quarrel

I Within smoke n mirrors

I lite up both lanes

Hacking through the main frame

Its time for a game change

Whats in a name

When the rose smells as sweet

Swerve to the left integrate right tesselate the game of fright regain our gift of sight second star to the right on till new morning suspended in light I’m bound to take flight

With heaven in sight

Our future so bright

The mission is here to open up our ears to the sound of the eternal years

Tuning in the spark of our infinite nature we hold our torch to represent truth of choice…


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