Doors of Perception 

Danc’n my mind through the doors of perceptionPick’n up the times we play with perfection

unfold mystery n re-write history

utilize trickery within its own fellow mellow misconception

A fine phantasm, birthed in metacosm

the unknown future, boy you thought you knew her

Quick don’t slip lets flip this grip come alive

fly free to the beat

yo were not stop’n, pop’n

burst through the blossom, shock’n every cell of memory we free

can you feel the heat beneath ya feet

So slick like sleet let’s break the weak 

Murmerate like a bird congregate like these words  

recalibrate to a brand new station reminisce in our re-creation 

Burn within our ancient nation

Flow within the frequency 

Carve through the waves of duality an be ready to breath beyond that the steam of reality 

Nothing matters any way any day any how simply be living amongst the now remember to remember every rose has its thorn every second every breath our life reborn 

Kinetic and potentials give life our essentials 

Nothing’s ever stuck static or stale 

Look beyond the veil 

 live life in the fullest moment one can never fail 

Every mistake becomes a key to reality and transcends to your greatest opportunity 

Count your synchroblissities 

Embrace authenticity 

Love your own trinity 

Reach deeper within divinity 

Come to the center of ones own transgression release the pressure of old paradigm perception. 


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