Shaman walk to a Jedi step

Surrounded by nature and creatures alike 
An Eerie sensation, celestial nights

Given the gift of sight 

Sea stars in the sky the fire burns bright 

Perception passing Pluto and back through mars realize ones real lives it’s time to go far 

And when I say far I mean even further 

As above so bellow This life is alive it’s best not to fight her 

Weaving webs like a spider 

We are only going higher
The gem of the lotus comes from within

With soul of a warrior when did we begin 

Deeper in darkness the brighter you shine 
A path of the ancients unfolding through time 

 It’s quest at your best put yourself to the test 

Walk with me once more in the doors of perception 

Lightning bursts in mind you’ve chosen redemption 

See deeply infinity be trinity 

Find unity I see you in every me 

Breath sweetly young beauty this life is divine 

Alive now it’s your time 
Reach into your power 

Past sacred hour 

Burn bright as a star 

Integrity and courage your raising the bar 

Pull the arrow tight Artcher back through the void 

The tighter the tension the further the noise 

 Stay focused and relentless remember have poise 

This life is your oyster let the grind shine your pearl 

 Time travel’n, unravel’n a brilliant mind, don’t temper with perfection ya one of a kind   

Carpe diem Amen I’m in 

Eternal perception when did I begin 

Freedom at mast, you sail so fast 

Moon walkin in ya mind and its all been a blast

In seas of our galaxies make every moment last 
You See yourself as Jedi every glimpse you take is to blessai 

Create your quest your quest in your minds eye  

Shred the force like a samurai 

So take one step as Jedi 

Quantum leap of infiniteye 


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