You have just begun this game 
When you’ve lost your sense of name 

You see truth in proof is priceless 

And cooth in youth is shameless 

You know you may have heard this 

You’ve been this place before

In your infinite ocean you may have washed ashore

The doors in space are endless 

Yet your crawling through once more

Why do you get so frightened 

of something that you know 

Is it truly fear then 

or simply that you don’t 

Will you find your strength in weakness 

Bow down to your own thrown 

Your power lasts forever 

You remember once you flown 
These days go on forever 

Tho seconds gone at once 

Now moments are infinity 

Duality be it temporary?

Every life you’ve lived before 
Yet it’s always new and more 

Can you see?

That’s the paradox of the doors…

What are you doing to yourself When will you stop fooling nobody else… 

Deep into my heart deep into my soul Wish upon a star 

You won’t let me go 

Bless my heart bless yours too 

Wish upon a star 

You’ll hold me true
What have you done to yourself 

Quivering and strung 

Your Halo fell 


Shaman walk to a Jedi step

Surrounded by nature and creatures alike 
An Eerie sensation, celestial nights

Given the gift of sight 

Sea stars in the sky the fire burns bright 

Perception passing Pluto and back through mars realize ones real lives it’s time to go far 

And when I say far I mean even further 

As above so bellow This life is alive it’s best not to fight her 

Weaving webs like a spider 

We are only going higher
The gem of the lotus comes from within

With soul of a warrior when did we begin 

Deeper in darkness the brighter you shine 
A path of the ancients unfolding through time 

 It’s quest at your best put yourself to the test 

Walk with me once more in the doors of perception 

Lightning bursts in mind you’ve chosen redemption 

See deeply infinity be trinity 

Find unity I see you in every me 

Breath sweetly young beauty this life is divine 

Alive now it’s your time 
Reach into your power 

Past sacred hour 

Burn bright as a star 

Integrity and courage your raising the bar 

Pull the arrow tight Artcher back through the void 

The tighter the tension the further the noise 

 Stay focused and relentless remember have poise 

This life is your oyster let the grind shine your pearl 

 Time travel’n, unravel’n a brilliant mind, don’t temper with perfection ya one of a kind   

Carpe diem Amen I’m in 

Eternal perception when did I begin 

Freedom at mast, you sail so fast 

Moon walkin in ya mind and its all been a blast

In seas of our galaxies make every moment last 
You See yourself as Jedi every glimpse you take is to blessai 

Create your quest your quest in your minds eye  

Shred the force like a samurai 

So take one step as Jedi 

Quantum leap of infiniteye 

Eternal Presence 

Have you ever been sitting next to a stranger sharing some sort of serene experience when you realize a mutual perception of the present moment? That very second you feel yourself as them in another life as if or that moment you are seeing, and experiencing your life and there’s at the same time. Eternity lives in the present moment outside the structure of time. Can you see? 

Doors of Perception 

Danc’n my mind through the doors of perceptionPick’n up the times we play with perfection

unfold mystery n re-write history

utilize trickery within its own fellow mellow misconception

A fine phantasm, birthed in metacosm

the unknown future, boy you thought you knew her

Quick don’t slip lets flip this grip come alive

fly free to the beat

yo were not stop’n, pop’n

burst through the blossom, shock’n every cell of memory we free

can you feel the heat beneath ya feet

So slick like sleet let’s break the weak 

Murmerate like a bird congregate like these words  

recalibrate to a brand new station reminisce in our re-creation 

Burn within our ancient nation

Flow within the frequency 

Carve through the waves of duality an be ready to breath beyond that the steam of reality 

Nothing matters any way any day any how simply be living amongst the now remember to remember every rose has its thorn every second every breath our life reborn 

Kinetic and potentials give life our essentials 

Nothing’s ever stuck static or stale 

Look beyond the veil 

 live life in the fullest moment one can never fail 

Every mistake becomes a key to reality and transcends to your greatest opportunity 

Count your synchroblissities 

Embrace authenticity 

Love your own trinity 

Reach deeper within divinity 

Come to the center of ones own transgression release the pressure of old paradigm perception. 

Dance in the Daisies 

I maybe a little crazy like dancing while pickin Daisies Spending time with some cats that look a little shady

Every step I light with purpose

I’m not playing games with the circus

I bring virtue back to focus

Slow the shutter down to find the light in the darkness

I’m not looking for a man

I’m Not looking for a king

I’m looking for a being hooos got a pair of wings

One being of love

As graceful as a dove

To assist in bringing heaven to earth from up above

With love in my center I’m light as a feather

A lady of the stars I may be dark as night

And when it comes to linguistics I can put up a fight

In the end of the journeys it’s not about being right

Ima humble myself and know it takes a little might like a mouse to pull a thorn out of your big lion paw jaw

This game can be daunting you know I can ball

like Jordan and the hoop ima step up and shoot

Let me love you like the world loves the moon

I know we will both come around soon

It’s the time of the season let this lotus love bloom

Like Isis and Osiris ima resurrect you from your tomb

Rise up fire Pheonix out galactic runes

We ascend beyond this multiverse

Harmony infinity rehearsed

Beyond curse or quarrel

I Within smoke n mirrors

I lite up both lanes

Hacking through the main frame

Its time for a game change

Whats in a name

When the rose smells as sweet

Swerve to the left integrate right tesselate the game of fright regain our gift of sight second star to the right on till new morning suspended in light I’m bound to take flight

With heaven in sight

Our future so bright

The mission is here to open up our ears to the sound of the eternal years

Tuning in the spark of our infinite nature we hold our torch to represent truth of choice…