Doors of Perception 

Danc’n my mind through the doors of perceptionPick’n up the times we play with perfection

unfold mystery n re-write history

utilize trickery within its own fellow mellow misconception

A fine phantasm, birthed in metacosm

the unknown future, boy you thought you knew her

Quick don’t slip lets flip this grip come alive

fly free to the beat

yo were not stop’n, pop’n

burst through the blossom, shock’n every cell of memory we free

can you feel the heat beneath ya feet

So slick like sleet let’s break the weak 

Murmerate like a bird congregate like these words  

recalibrate to a brand new station reminisce in our re-creation 

Burn within our ancient nation

Flow within the frequency 

Carve through the waves of duality an be ready to breath beyond that the steam of reality 

Nothing matters any way any day any how simply be living amongst the now remember to remember every rose has its thorn every second every breath our life reborn 

Kinetic and potentials give life our essentials 

Nothing’s ever stuck static or stale 

Look beyond the veil 

 live life in the fullest moment one can never fail 

Every mistake becomes a key to reality and transcends to your greatest opportunity 

Count your synchroblissities 

Embrace authenticity 

Love your own trinity 

Reach deeper within divinity 

Come to the center of ones own transgression release the pressure of old paradigm perception. 



We are all ready moving at light speed its time to step back and take heed to our well being, our divine inner feeling. Tuning back to an equilibrium of our purpose and meaning. Turning every challenge into our greatest opportunity. You got a gift, a syncopated puzzle piece making peace with our inner beast. You are the key encoded within thee. Only you can do what you do as you embrace your truth. So embrace your mental wealth. Remember your infinite health. Shedding layers of illusion to see your strength in the fusion of your own divine union of shadow and light. Never to fright the path at hand only to simply understand ones virtue in equality, justify duality and dive into the ocean of tranquility. Love you true

Float like a butterfly…(to be continued)

Dancin through this ring
I got somethin to sing
float like a butterfly
flutter-by with my wings
Gentle as a feather an potent as a sting
Buzzin like a bee ima do my thing

People hollerin I tighten my collar n stand up amongst the crowd
Lights camera action a vibey reaction
Baby its getting loud

Listen up now class is in session
Look around how and find your reflection
Connection connection
You can feel perfection
Deep into my soul look past my complexion
Bigger than expansion smaller then contraction
Infinite variables divine intervention

Levitate ascension creative expression
Efficacious quantum
Our vivacious new anthem
We can find our fusion
dissipate illusion
Hold on to your hats kids we alter perception

Connection Connection
Deeper then perfection
Past your fuzzy focus
Through the veil of Babylon
Far beyond metetron
What’s the path we walk upon

Listen to the whisper…

The knowing
The growing
Of the unknown
A holographic universe
We sit upon our humbled thrown
become our own believer
the ultimate achiever

Im not from the future im not from the past
Im from the present moment and Ima make it last
Remember who you are in an eternal breath of memory
An effervescent particle
The biggest spark in history….(To be continued) 🙂

You are my sun (to be continued)

android jones

Love like sunshine baby tastes so Divine

Lets spend some now time
burst through our own minds
dance through the dandelions
wish upon our lives

Let our dreams become reality
As we fly through the galaxy
paint a new paradigm
connect the faces of time
Reveal veils of mind
we placed here to unwind
dance through the galaxy
let our beats harmonize new memory
Fabricate our own mystery
AN Laugh in pace of history
unveil the trickery
An immaculate masterpiece
we puzzle piece our heart beat
Embrace ascension
vibration trickles through
a new dimension
relieve all tension….continued…


Sway to the Rhythm

Drippin sweat down ya chest
We sway to the rhythm
Beat burst through ya breath
We taste the life givin
salt on ya lips feel like lovin in the ocean
we ride through tides
babe get me golden

drift through the motion of emotion,
start floatin
sweet smell of honey hun
get me goin

I feel your fire
Ya make me giggle in the throws of desire
So I make you nervous I heard this
not worry ya truth I admire.

Mirrored moments the ones we require.
Every memory becomes a feather to ya wings
dont worry if it stings.

Im here to help you fly
no need to ask why

simply look inside
not something to hide.
No friction when we glide,
ya bound to soar high.

Back to the beat of the basics
this path we’ve already faced it.

Runnin parallel I can tell
Ya swooped my soul from the depths of the well
so sway with me

Make away with me.
Lets Paint a new reality.

Babe ya make me quiver
I can make you shiver
the flutterbys in my tummy are purrin like a panther

Drippin sweat down ya chest as we sway to the rhythm…And Ive just begun giggin 😉

I can fly

We fly free, the rising sun at our wings
May shadow transcend capacity to beloved.
May we Go swiftly with the secrets of the wind.
May truth caress our waters.
May we Dance every step to the heartbeat of the world.
May every smile bless the land in style.
Every kiss burst with bliss.
Every challenge transmute opportunity.
May the night sky blanket us with hugs of forever…